Getting Started

Ok so you have made it this far. You know you need help organizing adn getting yourself set up for success in staying organized. But now what. What is the process and how do we work?

  1. Call us to set up a FREE consultation. We will spend as much time as needed to assess the job and discover out how you want the space to funtion fitting your lifestyle and needs.
  2. We will create a custom plan for your space with a detailed quote.
  3. We set up a time and get to work.
  4. After the job is completed we don't leave you high and dry to figure out how to maintain the space. We give you a detaled action plan with helpfull hints to keep your new area organized and clutter free.
  5. Follow up is important to us. We want to make sure you have the right tools to stay organized and that you are thoroughly happy with the completed job.

The Organize Today Mission

No client has the same situation or needs.  Organize Today takes each client’s needs in mind and builds an Organizing Plan and System for them.  Starting with consultation, to working with the client, to setting up a maintenance plan and following up with the client, Organize Today does it with integrity, confidentiality, respect, objectivity, and a little bit of fun too!

We are members of NAPO, and are Licensed and Insured.

Email us to set up your FREE appointment today.

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