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Debbie Ware, Partner
Co- Founder of Organize Today

“ 'cut the clutter' is my mantra.  Make it easy to put things away!!  Everything has a place. "

Debbie comes to Organize Today with a sales and planning background.  Planning out the project for the client and making it happen in a timely matter is the key for success.  Setting the client up for success in their home or office, with their vision in mind is the most satisfying part of the job.  Walking away knowing you made a difference in someone’s daily life is great!!

Jennifer Wright, Partner
Co-Founder of Organize Today

Jennifer grew up in Edina, Minnesota.  After attending Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas she moved to Summit County and taught skiing for two years.  Not yet ready to leave Colorado, Jennifer attended law school at the University Of Denver College Of Law.  Jennifer moved to Leadville where she practiced law. In 2001 Jennifer moved back to Summit County.  Jennifer, along with Debbie Ware and Barbara Willitts launched Organized Today in 2007. 

Whether teaching kids to ski or helping clients with legal issues Jennifer has been motivated by a strong desire to help people.  Organize Today allows her to do just that.  Helping people get their homes and offices organized allows them to increase their enjoyment in their home and improve their serenity and peace of mind.

So often our organizing clients are overwhelmed with too much stuff.  We live in a society with over abundance and so many choices coupled with information overload.  People have so many choices that stress increases rather that decreases.   My favorite motto is use it, love it or release it.  Organizing involves setting limits and finding what is truly important to each and every individual.  With this knowledge people can truly have a home that reflects who they are.

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